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The Corona-19 infection that has raged worldwide for the past few years. It is definitely coming to the end. Restrictions have been relieved in most countries, and life is almost back to normal.


We still need to obtain a visa to enter China, but you can enter and leave China same as before. Especially It’s the biggest problem for shipowners such as crew change in Chinese ports; Superintendent attend drydock repair in Chinese Shipyards; oversea maker’s service engineers attending in China have become normal as before Corona-19.


However, more than one year has passed since between Russia & Ukraine War.
We don’t even see any signs end of war. Raw materials such as: LNG fuel and grain prices have increased because of the war. The matter was widely brought up in social issue.
In particular, Initiatives for the environmental problem “carbon neutrality” has been accelerating globally, regards to the issue of renewable energy is discussing like a hundred contending school of thought in the shipping industry. Due to this, Research and Development is going ahead at fever pitch.


Our Company (Pan Asian Marine) have established a training system which is called “Process Bridge”. It is helpful for our engineers to acquire knowledge and skills related to LNG, so that we can introduce and assistant our clients bring LNG carriers and Dual Fuel carriers to drydock at Chinese shipyards as much as possible.


Finally, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for your continued strongly support, and we will continue to do our best to work with you under the motto of “WIN-WIN” spirit.


We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.

Takao Nishihara
Pan Asian Marine Co., Ltd.
On a fine day in March, 2023


What we can do

Efficient mediation for repair vessel’s business

Introduce nearest shipyard with minimum deviation from free area.

Experienced Chinese engineers will be arranged

During the docking time, as the coordinator between Owners and dockyards.

Arrange of ship store for vessels

Such as Life Boat Supply, Anchor Chain Supply, Anchor, Anode, Hatch cover rubber packing and so on.

As representative of owners and in charge of their business when emergency matter happens.

Especially arrange of voyage repair and as agent of the owners’ superintendents.

Dispatch Engineers for Japanese New Building Shipyards Guarantee Jobs

BWMS/EGCS SunRui Sales Agency

Company Summary

Company Name: Pan Asian Marine Co., Ltd



Established: June. 1995



Capital: HK $300,000



President: Takao Nishihara



Main Bank: HSBC


Main Clients

Asahi Shipping Co., Ltd.

Daiwa Kisen Co., Ltd.

First Marine Service Co., Ltd.

Excel Marine Co., Ltd.

Funada Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Hiroshimaya Shoten Co., Ltd.

Kitaura Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Seno Kisen Co., Ltd.

Mizuho Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Northstar Ship Management Ltd.

NS United Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd.

Tokei Kaiun Ltd.

Shikishima Kisen K.K.

Shoei Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.

Kotoku Kaiun Co.,Ltd.

Yano Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Toyo Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Usui Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Yamamaru Kisen Co., Ltd.

Misuga Kaiun Co., Ltd.

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Sugahara Kisen Co., Ltd.